Who is Silvia?

A dedicated and compassionate woman whose personal joys and sorrows in life have prepared her to be a compassionate and empathetic therapist.

My experiences manifest the passion I have for my vocation as a therapist. It is my hope that my qualifications and desired to help will provide the confidence needed to allow me to assist you in finding light every step of your path. I believe as human one of our goal is to seek meaning and wonder what our purpose is, this is why I chose to be a therapist, because as a human myself I know how difficult it can be at times, to achieve these goals.

I first hand understand the importance of working with the right therapist, as the therapeutic alliance serves as the cushion to rest, while we work on the healing process. My commitment to you, is to honor where you are, as well as to encourage you to do the work to get to where you want to get, which I know might not be easy.

I graduated from The University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and Journalism. I earned a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Management at Universidad Tecnica Particular De Loja in Quito, Ecuador, and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) with a Master’s in Clinical Social Work. I am currently licensed in the state of Florida, which allows me to fully practice my passion as a therapist.

I enjoy learning languages speak Spanish, English, and conversational French. I am originally from the Middle of the World, Quito, Ecuador, South America. I appreciate my traditions and culture yet assimilated and adapted my new environment here since 2000. I have experience as an outpatient therapist with non-profit services. I have done therapeutic work with families, couples, adolescents, and children.  

The approach I use is a holistic approach, which helps me guide with empathy, as well as it allows me to incorporate the cognitive process typically used in therapy. My main goal is to help you connect dots that at times may seem blurry, help to smooth the wrinkles in the process until you find independence, assertiveness, and coping skills to help you reach the point of success in your life, and to help you face challenges and failures despite of your fears.

I believe fear will never go away, as it is part of the journey to protect us. But we should not allow fear to paralyze us and push us out of balance. I know that finding balance can be hard. I personally regardless of my journey with difficult experiences, started to love myself as I am with my flaws, my experiences, and my abilities. Many years ago, I started my journey as a dancer and founded a multicultural ladies’ dance group at UNK. As I grew in my career, I started to see human capabilities in overcoming, challenges. This is why, I have focused my work on helping patients in their turmoil find a more stable, joyful, rewarding path, because I know is possible, and we do not need to conform to a life that doesn’t feel right.