My name is Katia, and I am glad you chose to work with our practice. Reaching out for help can be scary, yet the benefits of working with a therapist to help you achieve your desired goals, are countless. I am excited to learn more about you and look forward to supporting you in this process.

I promise to:

  • Remain client centered.
  • Listen without judgement.
  • Advocate for you
  • Educate you
  • Empower you
  • Intervene by reframing thought processes and focus on solutions.

With my approach I believe that you are the expert of your life, I will learn from you, will hold a space for you to process and will provide guidance to assist you in developing new skills. When I work with patients, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help them understand how our thoughts, and feelings motivate our behaviors, as well as Motivational Interviewing to explore patient’s readiness and commitment to change, with the goal of working toward designing a plan of action that suites the patient.

Therapy helps patients gain a new perspective, obtain support, and learn coping skills to reduce or enhance qualities of healing. My goal is to support you, yet I want to point out that the change starts with you. The journey to healing can feel different every day, but this does not mean is not happening, please keep in mind that therapy does not make one’s problem, what it does is help you connect to yourself, and develop the confident to manage the challenges that are part of life. Again, I am very excited to meet you and will like to leave you with this. As Socrates says, we should focus our energy on building the new. We have potential that we have not yet tackle, and I am excited to help you connect with it.