Welcome to the practice!

Deciding to come to therapy can be a scary thing to do. So, credit to you that you made the first step. I hope I can be helpful on your journey of self-discovery.

Here is my promise to you:
I will not judge you
I will be authentic
I will make sure my space feels safe
I will share with you my knowledge
I will provide you with resources, if need be
I will meet you where you currently are in your life journey
I will empower you, motivate you, support you & cheer you up
I will not rush your process, but will hold you accountable
I will be proud of you when I see you succeed!

Just remember my job is to facilitate the process, to give you a space to try out new ways of being, thinking, and feeling. I can help you gain understanding, new abilities and clarity. Yet, therapy is not a magic pill you take that erases all issues. It takes work, and ultimately only you can claim your powers to heal your wounds and to step into the joyful life, you are worthy of living.

I know you are up for the challenge, and I will be right with you every step of the way.